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First time Home Buyers- Young Attorneys – LYNN FEUERMAN | Realtor
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First time Home Buyers- Young Attorneys

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We felt compelled to write a letter to share our wonderful experience with Lynn Feuerman. As first-time homebuyers, we were learning about the home-buying process and needed an experienced realtor who could guide us and protect our interests. Lynn was both an advisor and an advocate for us throughout.

Immediately upon meeting Lynn, we were impressed by her extensive knowledge of neighborhoods, homes, and property values in South Florida. As we began to view homes, we were impressed once again by her “eagle eye” – she was able to quickly identify what repairs and updates would be needed in each home, and could tell us the approximate value of those repairs in addition to the cost of various floorings, fixtures, and other features of the home. Lynn also viewed homes on her own on our behalf and gave us her feedback on whether a particular home was a good value and would fit our needs and preferences, which saved us a lot of time as we trusted her opinion and did not have to see every home. She was very proactive, market-savvy, and dedicated to finding us the perfect home.

Within two weeks of meeting Lynn, she found us a home that we loved and that fit our needs as buyers. Lynn helped us negotiate with the Seller to reduce the asking price and get us the best value possible. Her advice was validated when we received the appraisal, which ranged much higher than the price we paid.

We had several issues with the Seller’s realtor being rude and unprofessional and the title company being very disorganized and slow. For example, a week before the closing date, the title company found an open permit, which should have been identified by them weeks before, throwing a wrench into our plans. Lynn handled everything for us by communicating with all parties in order to make sure the inspection was completed and permit satisfied in order for us to close on time. 

Then, on closing day, Lynn met us at the house for the final walk-through. We realized that the Seller had left trash all throughout the house and in the yard, in violation of the contract. There were several other contractual issues, including the fact that Seller had discontinued pool maintenance and refused to put salt into the pool when refilling it after a repair, so the pool was very dirty and no longer a salt-water pool. Lynn went to bat for us and was able to get a $1500 credit at closing for us to hire a junk removal service and a pool company to fix these issues. Throughout the process, Lynn was able to manage several unprofessional parties, push through the chaos, and guide everything towards a successful and timely purchase.

All throughout this process, we felt like Lynn’s top priority. She was always available by phone, email, and text message to answer our questions and give expert advice. She kept us well-informed at every step and we always knew what to expect. 

Lynn referred us to a handyman, landscaper, and painter who she felt were reliable and did excellent work for a reasonable price. We got multiple quotes for each job and still ended up going with all three of Lynn’s recommendations because they were the most professional and best value. 

Without Lynn to guide us, we would likely have been taken advantage of in the home-buying process. She is a knowledgeable and strong negotiator, and I truly do not believe another realtor would have been able to achieve the results that Lynn did. We are blessed to have her on our team – her passion, enthusiasm and dedication found us the perfect home at a great price. We will absolutely recommend Lynn to others and we will hire her again in the future if we decide to sell our home.


Kate Kramer and Enrique Santiago

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